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Respiratory, Internal and Intensive Care Medicine
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18 Years of Medical Excellence

Our lung specialist, Dr Jane Yap, aims to deliver high quality and affordable respiratory care. Practicing as a lung specialist over the past 18 years, Dr Jane Yap has touched the lives of many.

As a lung specialist, she first started private practice at Mount Alvernia Hospital. Since, we have expanded to serve more patients at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. Our lung specialist aims to deliver high quality respiratory care to help her patients get through their respiratory illnesses. Find out more about our lung specialist here.

Patient Information

1.How to make appointments with the lung specialist?

Please call 63569928 or 63342338 to arrange an appointment with our lung specialist. Alternatively you may book your appointments online. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred time and location of visit.

While we are happy to serve walk-in cases, we would much prefer scheduled appointments for operational reasons!

Yes, unfortunately we do charge for a medical report. However, if only an informal memo is required, our clinic can waive this cost. Our clinic aims to minimize all unnecessary costs during your visit.

You can buy medications if you are a regular patient of the clinic. You are allowed to purchase the regular maintenance type. You will be advised to consult our lung specialist if you have not had a consultation for more than 6 months.

You can pay by cash or credit card (Visa or Mastercard only).

1.How do I know if my lungs are healthy?

If you experience any difficulty breathing, wheezing, or persistent coughing, please schedule an appointment with our specialist.

2.Which Healthcare Insurance is covered by our lung specialist?
  • AIA HealthShield Gold Max
  • Raffles Health Insurance
  • Alliance
    • AVIVA MyShield
    • Great Eastern
    • Tokio Marine
    • PruPriority Plus
  • Parkway Shenton
  • MHC Medical Network Pte Ltd
    • AVIVA PCP care
    • China Taiping
    • NTUC Income i-Medicare
    • AIA Integrated Healthcare Solutions
    • Prudential
    • AXA Clinicare
  • Alliance
    • AHC MeDinet Prestige
    • AXA MediSmart
    • GEL SuremeCare
    • NTUC Alliance i-MediCare
    • Pru-Priority Plus
    • Alliance Tokio Marine Medical
    • AVIVA Myshield Medical
    • AIA Integrated Healthcare Solutions
    • QBE Medical programme

Jane Yap Chest & Medical Clinic

Main Focus of our Singapore Lung Clinic

Our patients receive respiratory care that is affordable and attentive from our lung specialist, with many of them being with us since we opened in 2001. Here are the common lung conditions we handle: Asthma, COPD, bronchitis, pneumonia and TB. Find out other respiratory conditions here.

  • Maximizing technology for better respiratory outcomes
  • More time with our lung specialist that run on-time
  • Personalized respiratory care, tailored to your respiratory condition & unique needs
  • Our lung specialist focuses on long-term respiratory health & prevention
Asthma At Work

Some asthmatics may find that their asthma becomes worse at work especially when they breathe in dusts or fumes. This is because their airways or breathing tubes are more irritable or sensitive to the environment as a result of their asthmatic state. However, breathing in air contaminated with specific substances...

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Cough in Adults

Cough is one of the most common reason for seeking medical attention at both the primary health centre as well as lung specialist clinic. It forms as much as one third of the cases seen at the lung specialist clinic: Cough is an important mechanism to clear secretion and foreign material from the airway. However, it is also a means of spreading infection...

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Asthma and Pregnancy

Many women who have asthma are worried about pregnancy, in case it might affect their asthma adversely or bring harm to their baby. Hence management of asthma during pregnancy is a challenge as we must maintain a balance between maternal health benefits from drug and potential toxicity for the growing foetus.

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Hospital Chapel serves as setting for romantic proposal

She thought they were going to Mount Alvernia’s Critical Care Unit (CCU) to say hello to the staff who had taken good care of her when she was seriously ill two years ago. But he suggested that they visit the Chapel first. And it was a visit that Ms May Lai would never forget for the rest of her life....

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Mail from Max in Singapore

Dr Yap is a very good doctor, very professional with her diagnosis and treatment. She has a feminine and friendly approach plus a twinkle of humor in her eyes that I found very reassuring. This is the first time for the last five years that I have been free from some sort of bronchial infection.

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Lung Cancer Screening

The incidence rate of cancer had risen for both males and females during the period between 1968-1972 and 2014-2018 in Singapore (Singapore Cancer Registry Annual Report 2018). In our country, lung cancer is in the top three incidence of cancer for both male and female...

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